Friday, May 30, 2014

Super Smash Clash 0.4 Beta

It's finally here! I'm expanding the beta size to 400, so go get testing over at the downloads page. You won't be disappointed.


All my free time is now being dedicated to making a Smash Clash port to iOS. This shouldn't be a problem as Corona SDK allows for me to easily compile to iOS. I just need to sign up as an Apple developer and set up an account at TestFlight.

Physics Changes

From little things like the amount of delay between attacks, to more major things like allowing players to control the direction they fly in when they are hit, the physics in 0.4 has changed the way Smash Clash feels for the better.

Here's a list of the major changes

  • Directional influence (when you're hit, you can change the direction in which you "fly")
  • Gravity has been slightly tweaked
  • Freeze frames added in (when an attack is landed, it causes the animation to freeze for a split second)


Due to latency, online multiplayer has been removed. Depending on how successful the final product is, Smash Clash may have the funds to have it's own serves built to support this functionality.

Local WiFi Matches

While we are all sad to see the online multiplayer leave, we can now all enjoy the development of local WiFi matches. This is where you and a friend who are connected to the same network, battle each other on separate devices. 0.4 has an early version of this functionality, and mostly everything should be synced up. Bare in mind that this will improve, but in the meantime try it out with a friend and tell me how it works.

New Character

I'm excited to announce the appearance of the nobody other than our cute penguin friend. Still yet to be named, this little guy is fully programmed and ready to fight. (Although, expect touch ups throughout the next few months).

Here's a quick breakdown of some main attacks.

Ice Master:
How to perform: Down + B

The attack traps your opponent momentarily in the ice vortex, and the throws them downwards to the side. It can be used when you feel trapped by multiple enemies, but be careful, if you miss, you are left vulnerable for attack!

How to perform: Up + A

This is a very powerful which sends your opponent skyward. Although the attack does minimal damage, you can use this to set up for combos or even KO your opponent off the top of the screen. If fully charged, an opponent will find themselves very high up.

Head over to the downloads page to test out all eight attacks!

More particles, smarter particles

I increased the amount of particles, and added new types of particles. The game stabilizes the framerate by fluctuating the amount of particle effects as needed.

Bug fixes

Why are you reading about bug fixes...seriously. Most are gone now, let's just forget about them.

Last but not least...

Quick list of updates
 - Flare's fireballs move faster and are bigger
 - New character added
 - Brown character removed
 - Declares winner in an animated way
 - Character hitboxes improved
 - Better particles
 - new stage
 - New main menu
 - Charge attacks
 - Ledge detection improved
 - Online mode removed due to latency
 - Local WiFi battles in early development
 - iOS support (through Test Flight)
 - Improved character movement
 - Scoring glitch fixed where you sometimes where not given a point for a kill
 - Flare's side A nerfed
 - Flare's neutral A attack animation fixed
 - Flare's flinch animation improved
 - Game camera improved
 - Practice mode
 - Sound effects in the working
 - New menu music
 - Game stabilizes better at low FPS
 - Bug fixes
 - More updates to be posted

If you can't download it, go ahead an watch the promo video!


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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Problems with too many buttons on touch screen

What I had intended

When I first started development on Smash Clash, I originally only wanted two buttons and a joystick. The two buttons would be to "jump" and "attack". Since then, we have split the attack action into two buttons "a" and "b".

Intended controls scheme

Current controls scheme

While 3 buttons has complicated the controls on mobile devices, the problem is now becoming even my challenging, as I begin to add in a shield. This would make for a total of four touch screen buttons.

The problem...

Too many buttons + not precise screen = user frustration. If there are four virtual buttons on your phone, chances are, you probably aren't going to always hit the ones you were aiming for. This gives you the feeling that the GAME made you lose, not that YOU made you lose. This is an essential part of game development. Make sure each failure is attributed to the player, not the game. This makes the player feel like they need to play better, not that they need a new game.


  • Remove shield entirely
  • Remove one of the attack buttons and case certain attacks to be performed in the air and certain attacks to be performed on the ground
  • Remove the jump button and swipe upward to jump
  • Remove the jump button and tap up on joystick to jump
  • Make all four buttons and just deal with it
I'm working on finding a creative way to solve this problem. If anyone has an idea email me please at impactgamesstudio [at] (replace [a] with @ of course).


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